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Institutional areas

Select Artevia on your next instituional project and see first hand the beauty and simplicity of integral color concrete.  Many customers are using integral colored concrete as a finished surface and have drastically reduced up front and maintenance costs.  When Artevia is used as the finish floor, there is no longer a need for tile, hardwood or carpet to cover the concrete floor.  


Artevia does not need to be replaced every few years like tile and carpet nor does it need to be polished as often. Artevia can help reduce your construction time as well as lower routine costs while delivering a beautiful and dependable floor!

Why choose Artevia™?

  • Polished concrete is extremely durable and long lasting.
  • Lowest cost and maintenance required of comparable flooring options (tile, carpet, ceramic, stained concrete).
  • Artevia Polish contains no noticeable VOCs.
  • Shortens construction schedule.


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