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If seeing and reading about Artevia™ isn't enough to help your decision towards one of our Artevia™ products, then why not see what some of our customers and contractors have to say


FAQ 1 : Travis Roberts, President Hemma Concrete a Pro Artevia Network Applicator

"Hemma Concrete, Inc. has used the Lafarge Artevia color concrete system for over four years.  Artevia has helped to create consistency in the product that Hemma Concrete provides to our customers. 


The Lafarge sales and quality control staff are knowledgeable and helpful, when it comes to the product awareness and establishing answers for complicated situations that arise during the construction process."

FAQ 2 : Jose Gallardo, Owner Gallardo's Concrete Inc.


"Lafarge Concrete provides multiple concrete decking products that allow the placement of concrete to become an artistic achievement.  Products for many weather conditions allow maximum productivity.  Quality workmanship combined with Lafarge's superior material consistently yields award winning results."

FAQ 3 : DeeWayne Gray, President Fun N Sun Pools of Georgia


"Fun N Sun Pools of Georgia, Inc. has built pools for over 30 years.  Never has a company provided customer service superior to Lafarge Concrete.  Our sales representative goes well beyond what is expected.  He visits the job sites before delivery, selecting routes that save time (and money); he is knowledgeable about the product and explains technical aspects to the craftsmen; he is accountable for accuracy and strives to know and deliver exactly what the customer wants.  All of this is done in a professional manner that makes working with Lafarge a pleasure."

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Do you have what it takes?

Are you a contractor? Do you have what it takes to be part of the Artevia Pro Network? Why not contact us and find out?