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World of Coca-Cola

1,190 yd3 of Artevia Color
This is the total amount of Artevia Color used to design the new "World of Coca-Cola" in Atlanta, Georgia. The sidewalk linking the Coca-Cola museum to the Georgia Aquarium was designed in Artevia Color. This aesthetic and resistant decorative concrete was an ideal choice to welcome the 3 million annual visitors to the museum. Artevia Color was also selected for the fountain area of Centennial Olympic Park in Atlanta.


A customised design
Several examples of Artevia concrete were sent to the Coca-Cola team in charge of the design and construction. Different types of aggregates (varying in origin, form, etc.) were proposed, and the colors were chosen to produce a maximum contrast. 
The concrete was laid respecting Lafarge's quality commitment.  The result is a brightly colored "World of Coca-Cola" in perfect harmony with its surroundings.

FAQ 1 : The Freedom Towers: Sculpted in concrete and light

Artevia decorative concrete and Lafarge technical expertise helped to realise a unique architectural project: the 9 freedom towers of Kliptown, near Johannesburg in South Africa.  The Towers present an enlightening illustration of the power of concrete as an artistic medium.


Towers of liberty and light

A circle of 9 towers in black and white concrete illuminates the city of Kliptown with colourful lights inside and outside. Though each tower is unique, they all stand together, symbolising the 9 provinces of South Africa, each different but united as a single nation.

Working with Artevia, the French designer and light sculptor Patrick Rimoux took on a unique architectural challenge: creating a timeless and poetic open-air memorial commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Freedom Charter.


Exceptional textures and materials

To achieve the desired aesthetic excellence, specific requirements needed to be met when choosing the materials. The artistic goal: accentuate contrast by using black and white concrete towers and coloured lights. The solution was Artevia Exposed, which added a contrast of materials thanks to the concrete's visibly gravelled surface. Lafarge technical expertise assured a flawless quality control and finish, providing seamless transitions between different materials. The result is captivating, as the nine monoliths are identical to their creator's design; poetic and timeless.


Extraordinary materials

The materials used in this project, including translucent white quartzite from Lafarge quarries in Port Elizabeth (South Africa) and white cement provided by Lafarge Spain, allowed a perfect union of creative freedom and durability

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